Testing and Quality Assurance

CEMCOTEC offers manufacturers or specifiers independent mechanical property testing of GRC [GFRC] to the GRCA’s “Method of Testing GRC Material Part 3  – Determination of Flexural Properties” which measures LOP (Limits of Proportionality), MOR ( Modulus of Rupture), Strain to Failure and Youngs Modulus.  Testing to EN1170 part 5 can also be carried out. The data can be used for confirmation of the GRCA’s Grade 8, 10 or 18 GRC by the manufacturer or their clients. A full interpretation of the results can be given. Briefly, the test involves bending a 10-12mm thick x 275mm long x 50mm wide coupon of GRC cut from a test board made at the same time as production panels and then measuring and recording the above properties.

“After normal factory quality control, these tests essentially confirm the quality of the GRC being put into use”

Testing is carried out on a UKAS Certified Testometric M350-5CT Universal testing machine

Full quality control advice can also be given including assistance in setting up quality assurance systems.

“This information can be used by a GRC manufacturer who wishes to apply for Membership of the GRCA”


CEMCOTEC, for all your Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete information.

CEMCOTEC was set up by Graham T Gilbert who has nearly 50 years experience with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete and now offers this knowledge to the GRC industry.

Graham is active member of the GRCA sitting on the controlling Council as well as the Technical and Marketing Committees.

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