About AR Glassfibre

CEMCOTEC supplies Cem-FIL Alkali Resistant (AR) Glassfibre in both continuous and as 6 or 12mm chopped fibres. Cem-FIL is the original alkali resistant fibre developed by Pilkington nearly 50 years ago and is still one of the leading AR fibres for Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete.

We supply:

Cem-FIL 54.2 76 tex roving for simultaneous chopping/spraying production. Supplied on pallets [48 x 19.5kg boxes]

Cem-FIL 60.3 82tex  for premix production. Supplied on pallets as 6mm [42 x18kg bags] or 12mm [54 x 9kg bags]

Cem-FIL 62.4 45tex for premix production. Supplied on pallets as 6mm [36 x 22kg boxes] or 12mm [36 x 18kg boxes]

70.30 water dispersible . Added at a low level [0.2-> 0.5%] to the facing mix to reduce shrinkage cracking [crazing] in the facing mix. Supplied as 18kg bags


CEMCOTEC, for all your Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete information.

CEMCOTEC was set up by Graham T Gilbert who has nearly 50 years experience with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete and now offers this knowledge to the GRC industry.

Graham is active member of the GRCA sitting on the controlling Council as well as the Technical and Marketing Committees.

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