Expert Assistance with GRC

We have a unique knowledge of the “World of GRC [GFRC]”. We are well acquainted with the World’s AR glassfibre suppliers, the equipment manufacturers as well as the admixtures used to enhance Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete’s performance and/or productivity.

CEMCOTEC, for all your Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete information.

Specialist Assistance

Specialist, unbiased assistance to existing or GRC start-up companies for both Spraying and Premix GRC (GFRC) production.

Fixings on A3 barrier, Paris, France

Overview of GRC Products Made

An overview of products made in Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete throughout the World

AR Glassfibre & Acrylic Polymer

We supply Cem-FIL AR Glassfibre as well as acrylic polymer for GRC production plus advice on sources of other essential ingredients

Expert Advice

Expert advice to Architects, Engineers and Contractors on Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete contracts or manufacturers

Sample Testing

We offer a sample testing service and give advice on quality procedures and mechanical properties evaluation.

Noise barriers on a bridge, Australia

All Aspects Covered

Independent, practical and technical advice on all aspects of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete [GRC or GFRC].

Our Aims

1. Raising Standards

To help raise the standards of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete production including on-site analysis of suspect products.

2. Quality Assurance

To assist in setting up a Quality Assurance Scheme including mechanical property testing

3. World Wide

To provide an overview of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete markets and products made throughout the World.

4. Assisting Sourcing

To assist new companies to source materials and equipment needed.

5. Technical Back-up

To provide technical back-up to ensure good quality Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete.


CEMCOTEC, for all your Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete information.

CEMCOTEC was set up by Graham T Gilbert who has nearly 50 years experience with Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete and now offers this knowledge to the GRC industry.

Graham is active member of the GRCA sitting on the controlling Council as well as the Technical and Marketing Committees.

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